Selfedge Mania is a site which values authenticity and style, we go for the original and pure craftsmanship. Selfedge Mania offers a wide range of motorcycle lifestyle products as garments and accessories for the lovers of caferacers, scramblers, bobbers, modern and classic motorcycles as well as for people who just love to ride on two petrol fuelled wheels. The products are meant for leisure , pleasure and work wear on and off the bike in style ready to ride or work in the office during business meetings or events during your adventurous weekends.

From jeans & jackets to shoes & accessories always in style and to protect the asses and other precious parts of blue blooded petrolicious people.

About selfedge jeans

​​​About self-edge denim and Kevlar

Woven on vintage shuttle looms the fabric is turned into raw denim with a neatly finished self edge. The denim is made into self-edge, selvedge or selvage (all meaning the same) jeans with the typical striped edge on the sides of the outside legs and on the key pocket. The indigo dyed raw denim fabric made into jeans offer each wearer the possibility of creating your own unique pair of jeans with your own personal fades and wear optics like we are used in leather as well. The products get better in the wear and as they age.

The interlock-knit lining made out of Dupont Kevlar fibres is sown without extra seams into the jeans protecting all your high risk areas from your waist to your shins , in front and your rear end down to the back of your knee. It offers in combination with the strong and durable denim extra protection to impact, abrasion and heat, without loosing breathability and comfort.
Saves asses and other precious parts.

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